About Reading & Writing Therapy

Little Fin Therapies offers interdisciplinary support for children exhibiting difficulty with skills related to pre-literacy and literacy as well as pre-writing and handwriting. A clinic is an optimal setting to address these concerns as it allows for a modified environment to meet each child’s individual needs.

Our reading & writing intervention
targets improving skills related to:

Understanding and recalling letter names and sounds
Writing Grasp
Using an efficient grasp pattern to avoid muscle fatigue and improve fine motor precision skills
Language Processing
Comprehending written and spoken text to improve literacy skills (i.e. asking & answering questions, story recall, and sequencing events
Visual Motor

Understanding visual information and coordination of corresponding hand movements (i.e. learning to draw shapes and write letters)

Visual Tracking
Following along with words on the page and being able to visually track between near and far point visual model back to the paper in front of them
Attending to and following directions during reading and writing instruction
Executive Function
Being able to plan, establish a sequence and goals as well as initiate composition of reading and writing tasks
Working Memory
Organizing thoughts, planning and constructing sentences, remembering correct grammar and spelling, and recalling words that need to be written on paper

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