About Speech Therapy

Speech-language therapy addresses difficulties with understanding and expressing speech and language. Its goal is to help improve verbal, non-verbal and social communication skills in order for the child to communicate in more useful and functional ways. In addition to communication, speech therapy also address difficulties in areas of feeding (i.e. chewing and swallowing) and literacy (i.e. reading and comprehension).

How will speech therapy help your child?

Articulation/Apraxia of Speech (Speech Sounds):
Saying sounds correctly and speaking clearly
Cognitive Communication:
Using thinking skills to solve problems, remember, organize and have better conversations
Social Communication:
Understanding what others think and feel to make friends
Talking without repeating sounds or words, or long pauses
Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing
Using a voice that’s not too loud or quiet, not too high or low, or hoarse or nasal

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